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Our Online ALP MEMBER'S COMMUNITY Is designed for humans wanting to to look, feel and perform at their best NO MATTER WHAT LIFE THROWS AT THEM!

The landscape of the fitness industry has forever changed as we once knew it! 

Far too many facilities have already gone out of business and many will face that same peril over the coming years. And the ones that do survive, likely won't be the same.


The high volume high density models (you know those, 30-40 people in a class practically stepping on each other or gyms with thousands of members and machines 1-2 feet apart) just WILL NOT work anymore. And guaranteed - gym membership prices and training services will need to increase due to supply and demand / additional operation costs.

It’s inevitable, and it’s going to be a bumpy few years ahead of us all! 

So, with unprecedented times comes unprecedented creativity and we decided to do something never REALLY done before! Not like this! 

We've designed some of the most effective online programs to help adults and athletes achieve optimal health and performance regardless whatever challenges life throws there way

For the past 16 years, I've been coaching and advising high performing adults and athletes how to EAT, THINK and TRAIN smarter so they can LOOK, FEEL and PERFORM their best allowing them to crush both life and career goals no matter the obstacles they face.

Why is this so important?

See, just a few months ago - my beautiful 7000+ sq ft world class and multi award winning training facility that is home to hundreds of local adults and athletes and was hitting its stride in the 4th year of existence - was rendered completely obsolete thanks to government policies and the "pandemic response".

Because of this, we designed a 100% virtual online ALP Community to ensure folks can keep being their best, even from the comfort of your own home without a big budget or any special equipment!

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