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90 Day Man-Up

Transformation Challenge

Guys, we’re 10 weeks deep in 2018.


You told yourself this is going to be the year you start making a change.

The year you were going to start hitting the gym.

The year you were going to start eating better.

The year you were going to feel confident taking your shirt off again.

The year you got your doctor off your back about your declining health.  

This was supposed to be the year you started taking care of yourself for the sake of your health, your family, your confidence - your life.


How’s that working out for you?


Maybe you started hitting the gym but the results just aren’t coming? It’s can be hard to stay consistent when it feels like you’re wasting time, especially if your time is important to you, and it should be.


To make matters worse, the boatloads of bullsh*t nutrition info out there are enough to make your head explode, and for every one of those there’s 10 more workout programs to “add an inch to your arms in 30 days” or “carve out your abs in 20 minutes a day.”

I can totally understand if you’re having trouble making sense of it all.

What if we gave you the tools you need to knock it all out of the park for 90 days?

  • The workouts

  • The nutrition advice you NEED (nothing more, nothing less)

  • The support and accountability of a group of guys who are trying to accomplish the same things you are.


As part of the team at Active Lifestyle & Performance I’ve been helping men transform their lifestyle through a healthy balance of weight training and easy-to-follow nutrition guidelines.

Hi, my name’s Barry Vincent and I’ll be your coach for this 90 Day Challenge. I’m looking forward to working together and helping you achieve your goals!

We’ve compiled all of the things that have worked BEST for our clients over the years - the workouts, the recipes, the habits, the tips and tricks - and brought it all together to create a 90-day fitness and lifestyle experience that we know can work for you, too.

Starting March 19th, we're going to be giving them all to you, and coaching you on how to use them!!

Not only have these workouts and principles worked for our clients, they’ve worked for me. When I left high school I was in pretty rough shape - 50 pounds overweight and eating like crap. I started working out 3-4 times a week with a couple buddies who you could say were a little “better off” genetically than I was - but we had no idea what we were doing.

Bench press and bicep curls were daily staples and we were chuggin’ back whatever pre-workout or protein powder Chad at GNC happened to be pushing when we needed something new.

But then I started reading a little bit, I took particular interest in how athletes trained (I’ve always been a huge football fan and played it through high school). The way these guys were training was FAR different than what the boys and I had been doing, and I’m not talking about fancy speed drills and agility ladders. These guys were hitting full-body workouts, working multiple muscle groups with every exercise - the workouts were a little shorter than I was used to but the intensity was HIGH.


When it came to eating, I started pulling information from magazines like Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness - easy recipes like Veggie Omelettes, Chicken Stir-Fry and Protein Smoothies started to become staples in my diet.

Slowly (but not TOO slowly) the weight started to come off, and with it came the fat. The muscle I’d been building was starting to show - and people (particularly the ladies) were starting to notice. My confidence was on the rise - I wasn’t just the funny guy anymore, banished to life in the friendzone. As you can see in pic above, I had become the life of the party.


Most importantly I had become the guy my buddies relied on to come up with our workouts at the gym, and others were reaching out for advice, too. This was the beginning of one of the best decisions of my life.

Fast forward to today, I’m helping all kinds of men and women change their lives through a combination of properly designed workout programs and simple nutrition principles. On top of that, my interest in athletic performance has provided me the opportunity to train athletes from a junior level all the way up to the pros. I should also mention I no longer hold kegs over my head and kiss them, apparently it’s an “unwritten rule” of marriage and fatherhood - two things I now happily enjoy.

How about the people we’re helping? What kind of results are they getting?


Greg’s been working with me for a few years now, and this guy has completely changed his life - father of three, runs a business and an avid softball player during the warmer months:

“I have trained with Barry for several years now. Helping me to meet my goals and pushing me to create new ones. Having lost just shy of 100lbs has changed my life and Barry is largely responsible for this change. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success” -Greg, 40

Dan The Man is another guy who got GREAT results while still making time for his wife, kids, business and pleasure - he plays multiple recreational sports and vacations a few times a year.

“After previously working with a trainer who utilized more of a “bodybuilding style”, Barry’s approach was a big change for me. Switching to full-body workouts from the typical “Arm Day, Chest Day, Leg, Day Etc..) routines I was doing was a big change for me but now I see why this approach was more effective for my goals.

I’m bigger, leaner, more athletic and more pain-free than I’ve been in years. Maybe most importantly of all, I’ve been a top home run hitter in my softball league every Summer since we started up and I’ve got the hardest shot on my hockey team.” - Dan, 44

Young James was a tough egg to crack, but once he started to see the results come through he realized he had an opportunity to really change his life through improving his fitness and making better lifestyle choices.


“Like most young adults in university, the habits of bad eating and an unhealthy lifestyle are quite common. I was no stranger to this path and by the end of my second year, I found myself sitting at just over 240 pounds. Not just that, but I was struggling heavily with self confidence issues because of my lifestyle choices at the time.


When I met Barry in the summer 2014, everything changed. He showed me the benefits of both working hard in the gym and decisions to make outside of it. During my time working out with Barry I managed to lose just close to 50 pounds and shedded 15% body fat off of me. He helped me get back my confidence, the 6-pack didn’t hurt either. I can confidently say that my love for fitness and the motivation I have to go to the gym everyday now, started from working out with Barry.” - James, 25


So what’s included in this challenge:

12 Weeks of Workouts (requires access to a full gym)

  • We’ve put together three months worth of our best muscle building, fat burning programming into a periodized, easy to follow guide complete with video demonstrations for every exercise from the warm-up to the finisher.

  • The program is strategically divided into three (3) four-week long “phases” to create a progressive training experience that will gradually build your strength, promote fat loss, and increase your athleticism

A Combination of Group Coaching and Personal Guidance (online)

  • All members of the challenge will be granted access to our private facebook group, led by Barry Vincent with support from some of our award winning coaches including our owner Adam Lloyd, who brings over a decade of performance and nutrition coaching experience and learned from the Doctor of Nutrition himself, Dr. John Berardi, co-founder of Precision Nutrition.

  • Barry will be sharing weekly nutrition and lifestyle guidance tips while he and our coaches will be answering your questions and supporting your 90-day journey any way we can.

  • Personal feedback on your current nutrition habits through the 3-day Food Journal you’ll be required to submit before the challenge begins and every 4-weeks thereafter.


  • Guy’s looking to jumpstart their training and nutrition habits as we head into the warmer months (and beyond)

  • Guys who are looking to build the lifestyle and habits necessary to see their best results

  • Guys who are willing to hit the gym on a consistent basis (even if it’s a home gym)


  • Guys who are completely new to training

  • Guys who are looking for a “cookie cutter” meal plan

  • Guys who are currently rehabbing a serious injury

  • Women (no offence intended, although we do have programs specifically for Women and co-ed programs, this one is just for dudes!)


  • At the beginning of the program, and every four weeks thereafter, a new three day training program will be shared (in PDF format) in the private Facebook group

  • We’ll also be providing bonus cardio, core and conditioning workouts throughout the challenge


  • Each week we’ll be posting content geared to helping you overcome what we’ve found to be the biggest struggles guys are facing with their daily eating habits

  • Throughout the program we’ll be sharing our favourite recipes and meal prep strategies to help you stay prepared and make things as simple as possible


The big question, what’s a program like this cost you ask?


While programs like this often go for $250-$500 per month, and we know our program offers that kind of value, because it’s our first time offering this kind of program for men, we’re going to offer it at big discount both to those on our pre-sale list and for general registration!! By signing up you save up to $150 on the regular price and guarantee yourself a spot in the program as we're limiting enrollment to ensure the highest quality of coaching we can!



ONE TIME PAYMENT - $449 + hst 

includes full 3 months access to the program

* All prices are in Canadian Dollars

* Does not include gym membership to ALP-TI


Still not sure? Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have and we would be happy to help

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