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Welcome to ALP's 2019

 Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to take action and change your life?

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Welcome to ALP-TI’s

2019 Transformation Challenge

It’s a pleasure to have you in our 2019 Transformation Challenge. I can tell you with 100% confidence you’ve made a great decision for your health and performance.


Hi, I’m Adam Lloyd Owner & CEO at ALP-TI and I’ll be your personal Coach for the duration of the Challenge. It’s been my passion for over a decade to help people improve both physically and mentally to optimize health and performance. I’m excited to get to work together on your health over the coming months!


This challenge is geared to kickstart an improvement in your health and performance. This isn’t your typical weight loss challenge where clients go crazy for 12 weeks, lose a crap load of weight in an unhealthy way, including muscle, then go through months of struggling as all the body fat (and more) comes back.


There are certain things that need to be learned first, before learning other stuff. So if you ever find yourself worrying and wondering about what might come, feel comfortable that you can stop worrying as the program will cover these things, in time. Trust the program and our coaching philosophy, it’s consistently been proven to work time and time again. Sometimes things might feel like they’re going a little slowly, and that’s perfectly ok because sometimes, we need to do things slowly to master them.

Excellence is built on Mastery of Fundamentals first.


So, before we officially get the program started, please read through this welcome package to answer some of your questions and get a better idea of how this program will work.


Exceed Your Limits,


Adam Lloyd (Bkin, CSCS, PN-2)




ALP Training Institute

Owner & CEO

Performance and Lifestyle Coach





What to Expect From Us and the Program


What We Will Expect From You


With a new year upon us everyone starts thinking of new year’s resolutions and sets their goals for the next 12 months. Then a few weeks (sometimes days) into the new year the road to their goals becomes a reality and they veer off track pretty quickly.

I advise you to do something a little different this year, keep it simple and commit to something that is actually proven to work. Our 12 week transformation challenge is designed to motivate and inspire you on the journey to improved health, wellness, and performance.

The lessons and habits in our program are designed by Precision Nutrition - the World’s leading nutrition coaching professionals who have helped over 50,000 people lose nearly 1 MILLION pounds collectively through the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program - which our owner Adam has actually had a say in designing the program, and has since licensed and has offered the program for a few years now!

What to expect from Us, and the Program:

  • Private Online Support Group (facebook) moderated by Adam Lloyd and our staff

  • Weekly weigh in and bi-weekly body composition assessment and tracking

  • Bi-weekly nutrition and / or lifestyle habits customizable to individual needs

  • Weekly check-ins and lessons (facebook group) supporting the current habit

  • Access to our ALP Bootcamp classes Tuesday & Thursday night at 6pm

  • Non Member - receives exclusive access to facility during challenge

  • Personal Training Special cost of $70 per session (save $25 per session on our pay as you go rates) - no limit, but must be used during duration of challenge

  • ALP-TI T-shirt

What we will expect from You, the participant:

  • Dedicate yourself to the workouts each week. Showing up is 80% of success, but without the effort success is never achieved. Making only a few of the planned workouts in a given week or month won’t cut it in terms of serious change. If you can’t make our bootcamp that’s ok, you’re given access to the workouts and can do them on your own either at ALP since you’ve got full access or at your own gym - post videos in the facebook group!

  • Complete questionnaires and handouts as prescribed by the program

  • Keep an open mind when something seems different from what you’re used to

  • Log into the Private Facebook Group and follow along with lessons / tips. We encourage you to share your experiences and communicate with one another.

Competition Criteria:

We take into account MANY more things that just what the scale says. Here’s what we will be looking at when assessing participant’s transformations.

  • Body fat % change

  • Amount of muscle added and/or Amount of fat lost

  • Total visits to the gym / completing weigh-ins / check-ins

  • Attitude and behaviours towards change

  • Overall lifestyle improvements

Prizes: Just a quick reminder what’s at stake here!

1st Place = $2000 value!! - 6 Month Unlimited Membership + 5 Personal Training Sessions + 1 Month Online Nutrition and Performance Coaching with our Owner Adam Lloyd

2nd Place = $800 value!! - 3 Month Unlimited Membership + 3 Personal Training Sessions + 1 month Online Nutrition and Performance Coaching with our Owner Adam Lloyd


3rd Place = $700 value!! - 1 Month Unlimited Membership + 1 Personal Training Session + 1 month Online Nutrition and Performance Coaching with our Owner Adam Lloyd

What to do right now

1. Look ahead to your schedule over the next few months.

This program will take a level of commitment, and we want to ensure you’re ready to commit. Making sure you have a drive, and have the time to be here as often as the program requires your presence (both in the gym and with take-home workouts / lessons)

2. Help us learn more about you and Book your initial consultation / pictures and measurements

Please fill out our initial intake form if you haven’t already, and any ongoing questionnaires as soon as possible when you receive them. We want to get to know you in great detail. After all, we’ll be spending a lot of time together over the next few months. The more we know about you the better we can work together! Also, please call or email us to book your initial consultation including measurements, body composition analysis, and before pictures for Monday January 7th - the earlier the better as you'll see there are some specific protocols for the InBody 270 body composition device. 

3. Get to know your coaching team.

The better you know your coaches, the better relationship we will build together and the better your experience will be. Feel free to check our Coach’s profiles out on our website www.alptraininginstitute.com/about. We’re not necessarily asking you to open right up to us (at least not right away), but we’re asking for open lines of communication. When you feel comfortable talking to your coach about anything, we can help you in any situation.


4. Read through the FAQ’s below.

Take a few moments to read the frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to us info@alptraininginstitute.com

5. Relax.

You've taken an important first step on a great journey. Now relax. Throughout this program, we’ll teach you everything you need to know when you need to know it. All you have to do is show up every day, and do what we ask you to do. Simple.

Transformation Challenge FAQ’s:

Q: When and where are the initial photos and measurements being taken?

A: Monday January 7th - first official day of challenge, initial body composition evaluation and before pictures (if unable to make it on Jan 7th, can makeup initial eval and pics Tues, Jan 8th). We’ll do these at ALP and will have everyone book 25 minute appointments with Adam for the initial evaluation. Please contact us info@alptraininginstitute.com for your preferred appointment times and remember, our inbody requires you to fast and avoid exercise or consuming and liquids for at least 4 hours so doing your appointment early in the morning is best. First appointment is available at 6:30am

Q: How is our body composition measured?

A: For the past decade we've always used skin calipers, however new this year we have purchased a very high end and highly accurate InBody 270 that provides 10 different measurements of health and a detailed print out for easy visual understanding of your body composition. Please click here for InBody 270 protocols to follow to ensure your results are as accurate as possible! 


Q: Do I have to wear a bikini for the initial photos?

A: You can wear whatever you wish - although one of the biggest regrets of previous challengers was not wearing more revealing clothing for the before photos. This is at your comfort level, but for women we recommend a two piece bathing suit (please no underwear), and for Men we recommend shorts or compression shorts (please no underwear)


Q: Will my before and after pictures be posted online?

A: Only if you allow us - there is a photo release waiver that you will may waive if you do not wish your photos to be released. And no, this does not affect your ability to win - our overall winner in 2017 did not wish to have her photos released.


Q: Do I HAVE to do the weigh ins and measurements?

A: No (and yes), nothing is ‘mandatory’ but is HIGHLY recommended - and it’s pretty hard for us to optimize our support for you if you do not partake in evaluations and other parts of the challenge


Q: I cannot make the bootcamp classes tuesday and thursday nights, are there any makeups?

A: Our classes are just thrown in as a bonus and are there to encourage support with everyone training together. You are given a full gym membership and access to the bootcamp workouts so you can do them on your own (or ask in the facebook group if anyone else wants to join that either couldn’t make a class or wants to get in an extra workout!). If you wish to participate in our other classes you may purchase class packages in addition to the challenge enrollment


Q: Is this challenge just how much weight do you lose?

A: We know that if you build some muscle that’s a good thing - so we look at far more than just the body weight. Our InBody 270 medical body composition analyzer allows us to take a detailed look at your changes and analyze far more than just body weight. Do definitely MORE than just weight loss!!


Q: Will we be given customized workouts?

A: We will not be providing customized programs, but the bootcamp workouts will be modifiable and scalable to specific abilities. We do offer online program design and can customize training programs accordingly to your goals and abilities if you wish. Please contact us for more details. You are also offered reduced special pricing on personal training sessions as a member of our challenge. This is a great opportunity to work with a coach who would design a customized workout plan for you and could help you design your own in the future.


Q: Do we have to participate in the facebook group?

A: That’s totally up to you - although it’s HIGHLY recommended. Chances are if you have a question, so does someone else. One of the highest value offers to this challenge in this facebook support group where you’ll receive answers from myself, as well as our entire staff (and other challengers!). All habits and information will be provided via the facebook group - if you do not have facebook we recommend creating a private account with restricted permissions to just log into the group for info / communication purposes.

Q: What if my friend wants to join a few weeks into the challenge?

A: Sorry no, they’ll have to wait until next year! Registration closes Wednesday January 9th (we give a few extra days for those on the fence just incase but after that, waiting until next year).


Q: How do I get the MOST out of this challenge?

A: Be active in the facebook group, if you have a question there’s a good chance a few others have the same question. Take action, daily! There will be a habit to work on every 2 weeks … if you do NOTHING else, DO THIS HABIT, and build on it each week adding new habits along the way. Do your best to show up for the bootcamp workouts and if you cannot - do get them in on your own. Or even ask in the facebook group if anyone else missed the workout and wants to do it together at another time (since you all have full access as general gym members to ALP-TI)